My Dogs

As I'm putting together my updated site, Mike tells me that I'm missing something.  Yikes!  How can I have a site without some mention of the other two boys in my life - Little PD and Mr. Pi.  Well, they have their own site.  If you want to enjoy their stories and photos, check them out at



A number of years ago, when I had been let go from a large corporation I started looking around to see what was next.  In talking to a friend who was a personal coach, she said I had too many interests and if I wanted to get a job I needed to focus on just one thing and promote that one thing about myself.  My reply was "that is not who I am."  I enjoy doing so many things and have done many different things in my life.  My interests continue to grow as I do.  So, I hope you enjoy the many sides of me.

About Me

Hi!  My name is Nadine Sehnert and I have many passions in my life.  The passion that rules them all is to take what I do to create community.  All the other passions are parts that make up that whole.

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