Hi!  My name is Nadine Sehnert and I have many passions in my life.  The passion that rules them all is to take what I do to create community.  All the other passions are parts that make up that whole.

I am currently am working as the bookkeeper for Mary's Pence and I freelance a bit doing the odd website and other miscellaneous jobs from time to time.  Also, during the Minnesota State Fair each year, I work as a phone operator which is so much fun!

There are a few other avenues that also keep me busy.  The largest of these is using games to help build community. Board games - not video games.  My husband Mike and I are the administrators for the Twin Cities Board Games Meetup group and we have a lot of fun sharing our 3000+ board game collection with others.

I've also been pursing being a writer/playwright.  I've written a couple plays that were lucky to be selected for the  Minnesota Fringe Festival - Advice-a-Versa and the latest - What About Little PD? - which I wrote with my hustband Mike.  I still have another play I want to write that looks at reality vs perception of reality.  I'm also working on a couple ideas for a Maeve Binchyesque type novel and a young adult\middle reader story.

What else keeps me busy?  The Woman's Club of Minneapolis, St. Albert the Great Parish, my dogs, my family and my friends.  You can find me on Facebook too!