Dice Tower Convention 2013

Dice Tower Con was Con #2 of 4 for me this year.  This was the 2nd year of the con and I'm sure it will continue growing.  The organizers (Patrick Havert and crew) did a superb job of creating a very welcoming and fun event for all ages and all abilities.

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Giving Experiences

The other day, I came across this article in the Star Tribune by New York Times writer Damien Cave entitled, "Poll finds were living on less and experiencing more in life."  I read through it and thought, "Well, this is nothing new for me.  This is what I learned from my parents."

If you think about your warm memories, chances are they involve other people and you were doing something.  After my parent's divorce, life was tough for my family.  The one thing my mom did was to always give us a gift that "kept on giving".  For awhile, our Christmas gift was a family membership to the Science Museum of Minnesota.  We'd all pile in the car and head from Owatonna up to St. Paul.  We saw every IMAX movie that came out during those years of our memberships - I still remember getting nauseous during one of my favorite movies "To Fly". We knew the best place to sit at the Omni Theater to get the exact right vantage point for the movies. What marvelous times!

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