Florida 2013 - Part 1

Mike and I have been lucky to combine our board game convention trips this year with meeting up with family.  Our trip to Florida in July allowed us to see family and friends!

We arrived in Orlando and proceeded to head down the tollway to spend the weekend in West Palm Beach with my brother Brent, his wife Sue and my niece Amber.  First, I must recommend the restaurant we went to for Sue's birthday dinner - Frigate's Waterfront Bar and Grill.  We ordered a bunch of the appetizers and ate family style.  I would have to say my favorite was the Lobster Mac and Cheese.  It is worth stopping at if you are in the neighborhood.  We stayed at the Windsor Gardens Hotel and had wonderful service and the rooms were top notch.  The next day we went to the local water park.  After about 3 hours it started storming so we went out for lunch thinking we would go back after the storm.

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